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Creative Writing  Summer Camp Flyer-4.png

Creative Writing Summer Camp 2023

2 Week Course:
The course take place The Weeks of July 10 and July 17
Monday - Friday from 11:00 am - 12:00 pm

All classes will take place virtually via Zoom.

 Week 1:

- Review the writing process

- Brainstorm writing ideas

- Craft engaging introductions

- Add meaningful details to their work

- Revise and edit work based on feedback

- Identify the purpose of body paragraphs

 Week 2:

-Expand upon information in the introduction

-Bring writing to life using sensory details.

- Revise body paragraphs based on feedback

-Create powerful conclusions

-Reflect on the creative writing process

-Present their finished work to family and friends!

*Expect to receive a confirmation email with 24-48 hours of registration.

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